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Smartapp ONE™ for SAP is co-innovated with SAP as a unifying jobsite automation platform that connects all your EC&O essential project field execution activities to your SAP™ ERP S4/HANA back-office platform for a seamless end-to-end solution that bridges FINANCE to FIELD and Turns your Jobsite into a Smartsite™.

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Includes all the features of PLANNER, FIELD, FINANCE,
SAFETY and ONE. All together. All in one.


  • Digital Multi-party Plan Boards
  • Auto-align and auto-update CM Schedules
  • Built-in Multi-party Last Planner
  • Auto-generated Daily Report
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • 10-day Weather Forecast


  • Project DRIVE document management
  • Revision & Version Control
  • Multi-party SKETCH
  • SmartPin™ RFIs, punch lists, & more
  • Auto-generated drawing log
  • Mobile /- Work Offline


  • Budget Manager
  • Bid Manager
  • Bid Package
  • Vendor Bid Response
  • Client Contracts
  • Vendor Contracts
  • Payment Applications
  • Lien Waivers


  • Remote / Multi-language Worker onboarding
  • Automated STA/JHA
  • Safety Bulletins & Alerts
  • Incident Tracking
  • Safety Policy & Certification Tracking
  • Plan Analytics & Reports Open


Delivering seamless bi-directional real-time fidelity between the SAP ERP S4/HANA and ONE to read, write and update the two most important foundational project-level building blocks of both systems; the Project Budget (CBS) and the High level Schedule (WBS).

Visually build & easily connect your WBS & CBS

Easily create cost loaded project budgets & schedules with our multi-party real-time visual Budget (CBS) & Schedule (WBS) Builders that bi-directionally integrate inside SAP! Once connected, our LEAN LAST PLANNER SYSTEM gives your Jobsite teams the ideal auto-aligned work planning & tracking tool.

From Budget to Bids to Contracts to Payments in one click!

Converting your internal Budget into Client Contracts or vendor-facing collaborative Bid Packages has never been easier! Our built-in Bid Manager with real-time Bid response tracking & awarding lets you convert awarded Bids to Contracts with all that data flowing seamlessly back to SAP.

All your Jobsite project execution functions in ONE Place ONE™ co-innovated and optimized for SAP, comes with our full suite of industry-leading jobsite project execution & automation capabilities. With the built-in capabilities of Smartapp PLANNER, FIELD, SAFETY and FINANCE, you can turn your Jobsite into an SAP Data Factory.

Turn your Jobsite into a Safesite!

With Smartapp ONE’s comprehensive Safety software & hardware, you’ll have everything you need to run a Safesite. From multi-language worker orientation, badge printing, Gate Access Controls; to Incident reporting, Bulletins, SOS Alerts, Evacuations, STA/JHA’s, permits, inspections, and more!

Automation without Limits

Smartapp ONE offers endless automation and integration possibilities with its built-in No-Code app designer, a FREE Marketplace with hundreds of EC&O process templates, & Open API’s, Versatile secure Cloud deployment options and state-of-the-art jobsite-ready Hardware.

Bridge the Gap between FINANCE and FIELD

With our co-innovated, seamless integration to SAP, it’s never been easier to have ONE unified tech stack that connects FINANCE to the FIELD! With real-time jobsite actuals & forecasts going directly back to SAP, eliminating data flow friction, unnecessary re-entry, delays & effort.

Pay when Paid, with no delays!

With ONE™ Client contracts are auto-aligned to Vendor contracts, so automating ‘pay when paid’ has never been easier! Powered & secured with a first-of-its-kind Blockchain Paychain all transaction data is written back to your SAP ERP including lien waiver sign-offs & compliance checks.

Real-time FORECASTS from the FIELD

Finance teams will no longer be in the dark about project-level upcoming monthly cash spend commitments. With built-in real-time forecasting, you can tie the jobsite look-ahead schedules from our LEAN LAST PLANNER SYSTEM to send data to SAP for real-time accurate forecasting & reporting.

Reconcile Invoices & Actuals in a fraction of the time

With Smartapp ONETM, every time you assign work to a trade contractor it is auto-aligned to the associated SAP project WBS, CBS & vendor contracts. This makes reconciliation of actuals to SAP a simple output everytime you and your trade partners easily actualize & verify work in our Mobile app.

All your Jobsite project execution functions in ONE Place ONE™ co-innovated and optimized for SAP, provides your jobsite teams with our suite of industry-leading jobsite project execution & automation capabilities that seamlessly connect the FIELD and FINANCE teams together and Turns Your Jobsite into an SAP Data Factory.

Turn your Jobsite into a Smartsite™

Connect your SAP ERP to your jobsite project execution teams, to seamlessly bridge FINANCE to FIELD and Turn your Jobsite into a Smartsite™

Pricing for ONE™ for SAP for your entire organization depends on the amount of construction you do on an annual basis. We charge an upfront annual fee (basis points) based upon your Annual Construction Value (ACV) - the aggregate dollar value of the construction work across all your projects and that allows for unlimited users, unlimited projects and unlimited storage to leverage all our PLANNER, FIELD, FINANCE & SAFETY features.

5.5 basis points of your Annual Construction Value Company-wide ONE™ for SAP
contains all the features to automate your entire jobsite project execution needs and includes;






AppStudio™ ONE™ for SAP
works for you and your entire project team including your trades, contractors, vendors to make sure everyone has the tool they need to do their job in the field better;

Unlimited Users

Unlimited Projects

Unlimited Storage


You can also add one or all of our™ Hardware
bundles to your subscription!

Jobsite BADGE™

Jobsite ACCESS™

Jobsite BOARD™

Jobsite RTLS™

Jobsite GPS™


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