Smartapp FIELD

Designed and optimized for Jobsite mobility & accuracy.
Powered by a first-of-its-kind Fusion Platform.

Smartapp FIELD™

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Field updates can be chaotic. Document revisions can run wild. But the work shouldn’t. Smartapp FIELD™ comes with all the drawing, BIM view & markup, field communication, documentation (RFIs, Punchlists, Submittals, etc.) and mobility features that ensure complete accuracy of information for everyone all the time - whether they’re in the office or on a jobsite with no connectivity.

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Document Management

A centralized team Project DRIVE with a Google Drive-like interface makes it easy for the entire project team to always have the latest drawings & files when they need them, on any device (mobile or desktop) from the jobsite or remotely.

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Multi-party Sketch™

View & markup drawings, BIM, photos, and more in a multi-tab, multi-party, presence-aware real-time Sketch™ with built-in chat, comment, LiveHuddle & LiveLink audio/video communication between the jobsite & office team.

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Mobile - Work Offline

Access the latest drawings, files, RFI's, tasks, schedules and more from any mobile device, anytime, even when you’re offline. While offline you can also view & markup drawing files or create new sketches. Works with mobile tablets and phones, iOS or Android.

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Pin RFI's, Punchlists, Tasks, Photos, 360 images and other items easily to your Drawings & Sketches. Allowing you to get the truest representation of your building's structure and spatially related "SmartPinned" items.

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    Project DRIVE

    A Google-Drive like document management system with unlimited storage that gives everyone on your team real-time access to the latest version of every project drawing, progress photo, video, BIM model and more.

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    Smartapp Sketch™

    View & Markup 2D drawings, 3D BIM models, 360 images, progress photos, videos and more from the jobsite on any mobile device, whether online or offline, in a powerful yet easy-to-use real-time multi-party, multi-tab interface.

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    SmartPin™ RFIs, Punchlist & more

    Beyond the power to just view & markup, Sketch™ allows you to pin RFI’s, punchlists, and more directly to 2D drawings, BIM models, 360 images, and progress photos.

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    Templates & Symbols

    Easily extend the power of Sketch™ with custom templates and symbols to quickly create standardized new As-built and Field condition Sketches anytime, anywhere, any-device online or offline.

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    AUTOGEN Drawing Log

    Instantly view your latest project drawings from mobile devices at the jobsite or any desktop browser. Built-in one-click Drawing Log Report allows you to easily assemble a digital report & file package for easy download, printing or sharing.

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    OCR Upload Wizard

    Uploading & cataloging your drawing sets can be time-consuming, but not any longer with our built-in OCR auto-catalog & link upload wizard. Auto-linked drawings allow users to easily jump from one drawing to the next in Sketch™.

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    Rev & Version Control

    With built-in date & time stamped revision & version controls, never lose track of previous versions and chain of custody of all Project files. Secure privilege settings allow you to control what team members can see, edit, or update with a complete audit trail.

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    Machine Learning

    Finding the latest progress photos when you need them has never been easier or faster with built-in AI Machine Learning powered search. Imagine with words like “elevator shaft” or “trench” having FIELD™ do the work to find all files that match.

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    Map Mode

    Some Projects need the power of GIS and our built-in Map mode does exactly that. See your People and Smartitems spatially overlaid on a Google Map, tracking their location from any mobile devices in the field or desktop browser.

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    AR Mode

    Imagine the power at the jobsite of knowing “virtually” everything that was pinned, installed, inspected around you at all times. With FIELD’s built-in AR (Augmented Reality) mode you need not wonder anymore.

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    VR 360 Timelapse

    360 photos are a great way to tell what's there now. But with FIELD™ we put the power of “motion over time” at your fingertips. Imagine your team members instantly immersing & navigating virtual Timelapsed 360 progress JobSite locations.

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    Clip Areas from Map and create a calibrated Sketch session. Then use the power of your device GPS and current location to accurately add markups and SmartPins onto your sketch. Achieve the most accurate Asbuilt !

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    First-of-its-kind feature that allows you to leverage your GNNS GPS receivers (EOS & Trimble) to seamlessly and easily capture the best survey grade centimeter accurate reading possible. CaptureNow features; hold best reading capability, depth capture mode, day/night mode, online/offline, android/ios and accuracy tolerance enforcement, thus making your field above/below ground asset & data collection more accurate and easier than ever before.

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    Having accurate GPS data only helps if you can quickly locate the asset when it matters most. LocateNow is a gaming-like interface that makes finding items below & above ground faster and more accurate than ever before. Simply tap on the item you want to find and LocateNow does the rest by navigating you directly to that item. If buried, you can even invoke its AR mode to look "thru" the ground to visualize where the item is in your mobile device view finder.

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    Manufacture Traceability

    Built-in bar code ASTM F2897 mobile device scan support for ‘Tracking and Traceability Encoding System of Natural Gas Distribution Components allows you to easily identify and inventory critical piping system components through the use of the industry std. 16 character traceability bar code from the field on any mobile device.

What’s included?

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    Everything from PLANNER™

    The FIELD™ bundle comes with all the advanced digital planning board & scheduling capabilities of Smartapp PLANNER™.

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  • 02

    All FIELD™ Features

    The FIELD™ bundle is packed with all the view & markup, drawing, BIM and field documentation features you need for complete jobsite-to-office seamlessness.

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    Pre-packaged Apps

    FIELD™ comes with an additional 9 pre-packaged field reporting apps:

    • RFI
    • Punchlist
    • Submittals
    • Bid Packages
    • Meeting Minutes
    • Quality Checklists
    • Long Lead Tracker
    • Site Logistic Plan
    • Laydown Tracker
    • Fuse Tracker
    • Street Light
    • Gas Valves
    • Pole
    • As Constructed Sketch
    • Manhole
    • Punchlist
    • Long Lead Tracker
    • Site Logistic Plan
    • Bridge Inspections
    • Field Compaction Test
    • Site Clearance Tracker
    • Moisture-Density Test
    • Punchlist
    • Free Swell Index
    • Quality Checklists
    • Site Logistic Plan
    • Laydown Tracker
    • Solar PV Checklist
    • Wind PV Checklist
    • Field Compaction Test
    • Site Clearance Tracker
    • Long Lead Items
    • Punchlist
    • Moisture-Density Tracker
    • Site Logistic Plan
    • Laydown Tracker

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    Add-ons & Connectors

    FIELD™ comes with free connectors that keep your project data integrated with:

    • AutoCAD ™

    • Revit ™

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    Live Collaboration

    Packed with real-time multi-party collaboration tools to ensure the team is always in sync and the work is always aligned.

    • LiveLink

      One click built-in project team live video calls connect members anytime. Jobsite mobile users can quickly share on-site issues from their device camera.

    • LiveChat

      Quickly resolve issues on the fly with LiveChat and avoid costly delays. Instantly start LiveChats with online project team members from anywhere on any device.

    • LiveHuddle

      LiveHuddle transforms your daily planning, progress & drawing review meetings into collaborative real-time “SmartBoard” experiences.

    • LiveSupport

      We know your time is money and the help to get the job done should be at your fingertips. With our 24x7 LiveSupport Team, it always will be.

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